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Investment Process

Wafra Real Estate specializes in investments on behalf of institutional and private partners.  Our entrepreneurial spirit coupled with institutional money in our portfolio has historically proven to be a successful combination in the deals we structure.

In making investments, we seek to balance risk and reward.  We complete a strategic plan for an investment from acquisition through disposition and remain focused on the management of the asset between the buy and the sale.  We seek to build value throughout the investment’s hold period.

Wafra Real Estate professionals’ knowledge of the market and use of outside resources can allow us to execute our strategies both in a timely and effective manner.  We pursue a wide range of assets, including office, residential/multifamily, industrial, mixed-use projects, condominium conversions, land, retail, or hotel properties.  This can allow us to form a diversified portfolio designed to produce success for our direct investors, or joint venture partners.

With a proven track record of realizing profits in distinct markets, Wafra has executed value-added strategies within specific transactions through varying economic cycles.

In addition to finding suitable investments, we aim to supply them with the proper amount of information flow after the acquisition, in the form of regular dialogue, visits, and high quality reporting.  We believe that supplying our clients with accurate and timely information is essential to meeting their needs and expectations, as well as establishing lasting relationships.