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Local Market Success

Wafra regularly monitors real estate markets in an effort to identify and develop promising investment targets.  Our professionals are able to react quickly to potential opportunities, as well as to develop strong relationships with key partners in those areas.

Critical to the formulation and execution of this investment strategy is a joint venture relationship with an operating partner that complements or expands our local market knowledge and expertise.  Our investment philosophy seeks to ensure that an operating partner invests in each transaction “shoulder-to-shoulder” with Wafra or our partners.  Wafra’s relationships allow us to gain access to privately negotiated, off-market transactions and further benefit from an operator’s proven expertise in leasing, property management, and local construction and development.

Investing side by side with our partners, Wafra professionals are focused on pro-active asset management.

Wafra is able to achieve local market success due to the partnerships we form with talented regional investment firms.  We typically retain control of the deal in our efforts to reach a strong outcome through our contribution of typically more than 50% of the equity in each transaction we close.

As active investors, we need to be able to adjust to market fluctuations.  Wafra strives to create and maintain strong relationships so that we can move quickly when a deal comes to the forefront.  Having local partners can provide us the flexibility and investment control we need to be able to implement our objectives.  As economic and real estate markets change, Wafra changes with them.

Realizing deal objectives does not occur overnight, yet we seek to move swiftly, backed by experience and success.