Training Programs

Wafra typically offers two forms of training programs, the Junior Analyst Rotation Program and the Professional Development Program. Wafra has trained over 160 individuals through its training programs, many of whom have gone on to work at prominent institutions. Graduates have also enrolled in renowned MBA programs.

Junior Analyst Rotation Program

The Wafra Junior Analyst Rotation Program is typically a 9-month long training program that provides selected individuals with an intensive introduction to the financial markets, through both hands-on experience and classroom instruction.

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Professional Development Program

Wafra provides experienced professional investment services to key institutions.  The purpose of the training program is to provide selected individuals with an opportunity to develop and enhance technical and professional skills required of an investment professional.

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The Wafra Advantage:

Unparalleled Commitment
  • Wafra expends a significant amount of resources, both in actual capital outlays and time usage of its staff.
Hands-On Training
  • Trainees learn alongside Wafra’s professionals while they perform their ongoing and regular analytical work.  Practical academic studies comprise a portion of the program and are simultaneously applied to actual portfolio analysis being performed alongside and with Wafra’s professionals.
Open-Door Policy
  • Wafra employees have an open-door policy, whereby trainees are encouraged to engage in intellectually enriching conversations with Wafra’s professionals.
Training Experience
  • Wafra has been running its training program since 1991.  It had evolved into a more formalized structured program in 2000.  The employees involved in Wafra’s training program have excellent didactic and interpersonal skills to help break down complicated investment topics into understandable lessons for the trainees.  Moreover, each year the program evolves into a more challenging/intriguing program as a result of useful feedback from graduating trainees.
Vibrant Location
  • During the training program, trainees live and work in New York City, the financial capital of the world, providing them with access to vast resources. Trainees may meet asset managers, including hedge funds, tour investment banking trading desks and/or national stock or commodity exchanges, meet highly regarded economists and market prognosticators, network with numerous industry professionals, and attend various conferences.