Junior Analyst Rotation Program

The Wafra Junior Analyst Rotation Program is typically a 9-month long training program that provides selected individuals with an intensive introduction to the financial markets, through both hands-on experience and classroom instruction. The goal of the program is to impart practical, useful and professional knowledge, principally in the area of financial analysis, with which after the program, each participant will be competitively positioned to ultimately seek employment in the world’s leading financial services firms, and other investment, banking and similar professional fields in Kuwait and other GCC countries.

In addition, over the course of the training program, participants will also gain an understanding of Wafra’s investment approach, business processes, investment ethics and culture, which we hope will benefit participants over their professional careers. Participants are generally expected to be fluent in Arabic and English, to be knowledgeable of Kuwaiti and other GCC countries’ culture, customs, and business environments, and have proven to possess a strong academic record.

About the Program

Generally enrolls 5 to 6 trainees per year

  • Stringent admissions criteria

Typically nine-months in duration

  • Usually from October to June

Intensive training curriculum

  • Transitions trainees from the academic to the real world
  • Encourages healthy competition
  • Promotes teamwork

Admissions Criteria

Candidates are reviewed against a set of criterion and compared amongst all candidates. Criteria includes but is not limited to:

  • Reputation and quality of university(ies) attended
  • Degree(s) obtained
  • Knowledge of Kuwaiti and other GCC countries’ culture, customs, etc.
  • Career goals
  • Academic performance
  • Communications and other skills
  • Other relevant information