Professional Development Program

Wafra provides experienced professional investment services to key institutions.  The purpose of the training program is to provide selected individuals with an opportunity to develop and enhance technical and professional skills required of an investment professional in the fields of asset management, securities, alternative investments, direct equity, real estate, and structured products/finance.  In addition, many Gulf State regional institutions have close ties to US-based investments.  This cross-cultural experience provides participants with first-hand knowledge and experience of the ethical, regulatory and professional standards that guide the US and global financial industry.  The programs generally consist of observations, classroom instruction, seminars, and hands-on project involvement.

Our individually customized program can include:

Specific intensive training or rotation training:

  • Securities, Alternative Investments, Private Equity, Real Estate, Structured Finance

Participation in Investment Meetings

Attend meetings with managers, participate in conferences, and travel for meetings.

Classroom instruction, if applicable:

  • Finance-related
  • New York University, New York Institute of Finance, and/or in-house professors

Wafra may also send participants to universities and other institutions to attend other specialized modules or training on specific areas of interest.