Our StrategiesPublic Markets

We offer public markets strategies, including traditional long-only global equities, ESG equities, fixed income and shari’ah-compliant products.

Our equity investment philosophy and process focuses on change-oriented investing and the identification of multi-year changes in companies and industries that we believe will lead to differentiated investment ideas globally. We combine our understanding of the global macro environment with a framework that identifies and evaluates company-specific opportunities driven by changes in global value chains.

Our research-driven insights identify investment theses that provide an asymmetric risk-return profile at the portfolio level. By relying on stock selection for alpha generation, we believe the investment process is repeatable across industries and regions.

Our credit investment philosophy focuses on tactical duration and allocation positioning, as well as idiosyncratic risk capture. Our systematic implementation allows for potential outperformance without significantly altering the risk profile relative to the benchmark. This, we believe, is a durable advantage that aims to provide a sustainable and differentiated source of alpha generation.

Our Public Markets team can be reached at [email protected].