Thought leadership is important to us. We conduct macroeconomic research and publish reports that discuss topics important to institutional investors. Through our research reports, we hope to catalyze conversations about challenges for institutional investors, as well as potential solutions.

Recent Research Reports

Q2 19: The Evolution of Pension Management - Building In-House Capabilities

Diversification into alternative asset classes can provide attractive returns relative to traditional liquid portfolios, but this comes with higher fees to third-party managers.  Pensions are developing new approaches to control fees and capture return; for large, established pensions, insourcing investment teams is an attractive solution.

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2018: Introducing Confidence Building Measures to PRI Signatories

Against a backdrop of increasing usage of ESG data from both investors and companies, there are debates over the quality and veracity of this information; this report explores the implementation of confidence building measures to negate these debates.

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Q1 2017: First Time’s A Charm

First-time private equity funds have seen a recent rise in popularity as the current low-return world is forcing investors to reassess their risk/reward assessments across asset classes and strategies within those asset classes.

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Q4 2016: An Inside Job

Sovereign and pension investors are increasingly building out their own investment teams and must choose between how and to what extent to develop in-house investment capabilities.

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Q2 2016: Institutional Investing in Infrastructure

An exploration of the infrastructure investment universe, highlighting sovereign and pension consortia as a way to access infrastructure investments.

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