Our private equity strategy targets direct middle-market investments, co-investments and club deals and seeks to leverage Wafra’s deep institutional network and other strategic partnerships. We invest in a wide range of industries and seek high-value opportunities with limited downside and strong alignment. Our team has extensive and diverse experience, which provides our portfolio companies with a unique perspective in growing their businesses. The long-term, stable approach we pursue with our partners can differentiate Wafra from other potential capital partners and contribute to enduring success.

Our venture capital strategy seeks to invest in leading venture capital funds and directly in companies where Wafra has a strategic edge. When investing directly, we focus on industries that are aligned with the broader Wafra platform including financial services, real estate and infrastructure in order to build on Wafra’s related expertise and relationships. Our venture team also partners with leading institutions—via club deals and joint ventures—to access high-quality opportunities that can deliver solid risk-adjusted returns.

Partnerships with leading institutional investors and asset managers

Long-term approach to creating success

Our broad and diverse exposure to alternatives gives us access to high-quality, under-the-radar opportunities.