We began investing in real assets, including infrastructure, in the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis, when our teams identified significant price dislocations in these asset classes. Since then, we have built a team devoted to pursuing a number of real assets strategies in both debt and equity, with over $1.1 billion currently committed to real assets-related projects.

These strategies target a variety of high-quality real assets, including traditional energy and infrastructure assets, in addition to sub-asset classes like shipping and sustainable infrastructure. We focus on investments that are expected to produce yield alongside downside protection, with an emphasis on strong alignment with our capital and operating partners.

Our real assets team also partners with other institutional investors and operators to reach niche, under-the-radar assets, often leveraging our strategic network of sovereign and pension funds. We embrace complexity and use deal structuring to enhance returns, downside protection and governance rights.

Over $1 billion committed to real-assets projects

Investments across industries in shipping, traditional energy, and infrastructure

We embrace structural complexity and niche assets, achieving greater value and, ultimately, better returns.