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Over the past two decades, real assets and infrastructure strategies have grown to constitute an essential component of diversified investment portfolios.

Across market cycles, real assets have historically demonstrated lower volatility, and lower correlation, relative to stocks and bonds. Returns may be characterized by a current income component, typically underpinned by contracted cashflows, in addition to capital appreciation. In periods of moderate to high inflation, real assets can provide inflation-adjusted returns through ownership of underlying hard collateral.

In the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis, Wafra identified significant price dislocations in real assets and infrastructure opportunities. Since then, we have built a team devoted to pursuing a number of real assets strategies with the flexibility to invest across the capital structure. Consistent with our investment philosophy, we emphasize strong alignment between our capital and operating partners.

Our real assets team has the ability to partner with other institutional investors and operators, often leveraging our network of strategic partnerships as well as other sovereign and pension funds, to access opportunities. We embrace complexity and use deal structuring to enhance returns, shape risk and ensure alignment.

Our Real Assets team can be reached at [email protected]

Select Investments

Global Container International

Intermodal marine container leasing

Hawthorne Global Aviation Services

U.S. general aviation fixed-base operator

Contract Leasing Corporation

U.S. trailing equipment and intermodal chassis leasing

Suntex Marinas

Leading national marinas operating platform

Mission Clean Energy

U.S. utility scale solar and battery storage developer

Intermountain Infrastructure Group

Long-haul fiber network developer focused on Pacific Northwest and West Coast