Training & Internship Programs

Wafra generally offers three forms of training programs, the Junior Analyst Rotation Program, the Internship Program and the Professional Development Program.

In these programs, participants are introduced to all facets of asset management, under the support and mentorship of Wafra’s professionals.

Taking pride in our open-door policy, Wafra aims to equip participants with the technical and professional skills to succeed in whatever path they may choose within finance. Wafra professionals dedicate themselves beyond the time in the office to ensuring participants leave with first-hand knowledge of the financial markets and a broader cultural perspective.

Wafra has trained over 150 individuals through the various training programs, many of whom have gone on to become leaders in their fields and secure positions at other prominent organizations.

Junior Analyst Rotation Program

The Wafra Junior Analyst Rotation Program is a 9-month intensive rotational training program that provides select recent college graduates with an introduction to the financial markets under the guidance and support of Wafra professionals. Throughout the program, participants rotate throughout Wafra’s corporate and investment teams, receiving hands-on experience, classroom instruction, and guest lectures by experts. Through this highly structured rotational program, participants gain knowledge in the various fields of asset management, including securities, alternative investments, real estate, and structured finance.

In addition, participants gain a comprehensive understanding of Wafra’s investment approach, business processes, investment ethics, culture, as well as gain the critical professional skills that will benefit them over the course of their careers.

Internship Program

The Internship Program provides exposure and hands-on practical experience to those with a keen interest in the financial services industry. The goal is to provide college students and recent college graduates with a better understanding of the different facets within asset management and finance as they consider the next steps in their careers.

Professional Development Program

The Professional Development Program aims to provide working professionals with a customized, intensive learning experience to further enhance their knowledge in investment management. Participants are given the opportunity to develop the expertise and technical skills required of an investment profession in their particular role through observation, on-site classroom instruction, and ongoing seminars. This program can include in-depth training in the various fields of asset management. In addition, this training will provide participants with direct knowledge and involvement concerning the ethical, regulatory, and professional standards that guide the US and global financial markets.