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April 2, 2020Capital Constellation Receives Increased Commitments Bringing Total Funding to $1.2 Billion

NEW YORK, March 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Capital Constellation ("Constellation"), a provider of catalytic investment capital to  next-generation alternative investment managers, announced today that two of its partners, The Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation ("APFC") and The Railways Pension Scheme ("RPMI Railpen"), have increased their commitments to the fund by $100 million each. This brings Constellation's total assets to $1.2 billion.

"Our increased commitment reflects Constellation's impressive traction in the market and our belief that this is a partnership that benefits all participants," said Steve Moseley, Deputy CIO and Head of Alternatives at APFC and a founding Board member of  Constellation. "We are excited to continue to build a network of aligned institutional partners and investor entrepreneurs around the world," said Russell Valdez, Chief Investment Officer of Wafra and a founding Board member of Constellation. "Our asset owner partners are motivated by a desire for genuine engagement and stronger partnership with the investor entrepreneurs."

"Constellation has already generated innovative solutions and we are thrilled to be a part of what we see as the future of how pensions and sovereigns can access alternative investments," said Paul Bishop, Head of Private Markets at RPMI Railpen and a founding Board member of Constellation.

Daniel Adamson, Senior Managing Director of Wafra Inc. and President of Capital Constellation added, "The capital itself is important, of course, but what matters most here is the clear reaffirmation of our investment program and the trust we are building with our partners. We are immensely grateful for the continued support from our founding members, as well as from our other partners."

Constellation unites the expertise and capital base of premier institutional investors around the world with next-generation alternative asset managers. In addition to APFC and RPMI Railpen, its partners also include the Kuwait Investment Authority ("KIA"), the Third Swedish National Pension Fund ("AP3"), and Wafra, a leading private equity and alternative investment manager, on behalf of the Public Institution for Social Security of Kuwait ("PIFSS").

Constellation's integrated ecosystem promotes peer-to-peer collaboration among leading institutional investors and vertical integration with promising, motivated managers. It has seeded four managers since its inception: Ara Partners ("Ara"), Astra Capital Management ("Astra"), Motive Partners ("Motive) and a real estate credit manager. Constellation is also
under exclusivity with two additional managers.