Wafra maintains a broad view of real estate investing, with both traditional and alternative real estate strategies across the risk spectrum. As one of our most well-established strategies, our real estate teams manage over $2.3 billion in committed capital.

Our traditional real estate strategies target core, core-plus, and value-add acquisitions of hotels, office, retail, and multi-family properties, with potential for enhanced value. We focus on acquisitions which we believe have a high margin of safety, like undervalued assets or those with inherent risks, while also insisting on high operational performance. Through aggressive repositioning of these assets, using sophisticated capital structuring strategies and leveraging our significant banking relationships, we seek to achieve strong risk-adjusted returns.

Our alternative real estate strategy focuses on niche assets that have strategic value and high potential for growth. We have invested in data centers, student housing and marinas, among others, often partnering with well-established and respected operators and generally seeking to avoid auction processes, which can drive down value and hurt investor returns.

Over $2.3 billion in commitments across traditional and alternative strategies

Innovative Approach: We find alpha in niche or emerging real estate opportunities

Our broad mandate can allow us to find value across the real estate investment universe.