We acquire ownership stakes in both established and next generation alternatives managers around the world. Currently, we have invested $2.3 Billion of client assets in these firms, partnerships, and private equity managers in a diverse range of industries, where we seek long-term relationships and alignment. This strategy aims to provide our investors long-term, yield-producing investments with downside protections, finding value in both underlying fund manager performance and deal structure.

We seek investments in and partnerships with established, industry-leading PE managers to leverage strong investment teams and build alignment for shared success.

We also seed promising first-time PE managers to support their growth and align interests to capitalize on the forecasted success of their investment strategies. This strategy is run on the Capital Constellation platform, which is designed to leverage the stable, long-term nature of institutional capital and provide first-time management companies with built-in institutional investors, advocates and advisors.

7 Managers seeded; 5 investments in well-established leading PE managers

Over $2 billion in capital committed

Our partnerships with top private equity talent can allow us to leverage their expertise while maximizing Wafra’s global reach.